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Mingtai company is a professional enterprise integrating development, design, manufacture of non-standard and standard printing machinery and packaging machinery. We specialize in the production of central roller satellite flexo printing machines, laminated flexo printing machines such as paper flexo printing machines, plastic film printing machines, non-woven printing machines. We also focus on a wide range of machine parts, and other packaging machinery, reasonable prices, on time delivery. All machines will be tested before shipment to ensure customers get the best quality.

Continuously develop new products and pursue high quality products.

The company has European CE certification, a number of patent certification and other related product certification. Since its establishment, it has been oriented by the market and relying on science to continuously develop new products. The company constantly pursues high-quality products and develops user-friendly, cost-effective products according to different customer demands. The company is not only pursuing excellent product quality, optimizing productivity and cost control, but also focusing on consumer experience and continuous improvement to meet the rapidly developing market demand.

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