Non-Belief Is Not The End Of The World…

Growing up in Texas and coming to the conclusion that religion and all of its components are mythological is a hard concept to swallow.

In the coming future, I shall be sharing with you, the reader, how I came to my conclusions and why I feel compelled to explain my story.

Being an atheist is not easy in a nation of believers. But as I have experienced over my 5+ decades on this Earth, I have come to realize that, unlike those who would condemn me as a non-believer, I am MUCH, MUCH happier that I have chosen not to bog down myself with impossible, miraculous beliefs.

First of all, my life is not all happiness and contentment. I am presently separated from my husband of over 25 years. We have a son who has been chronically ill since he was five years old. My husband and I both suffer from childhood trauma…not serious by the standard means of trauma, but by emotional trauma that caused us to not only question our existence, but our beliefs as well.

As I see our nation continue to become polarized by religion and the perception of “God-given right,” I am increasingly disturbed by the increased and ramped-up dogma that we see and hear nightly on news and in social media.

So, I plan to discuss how I have evolved to the point in which I am. I am hoping that my journey might help those who are questioning and searching, also.

Let’s move from belief to reality together.

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