Thought for the Day…President Jimmy Carter

I know, I know, Jimmy Carter was not the best president for the United States, but I have always thought that he was a most upstanding person. This is not new news, but I find that his spiritual search often follows my searching. For him, also, the Southern Baptist stand against women caused him to question the tenets of the Convention and ultimately lead to his decision to part from the SBC. Not only does that take personal courage to leave an organization that has been pounded into your head from the beginning, but he has made these statements publicly.

I have great respect for President Carter. His revelations give me hope when he speaks out as a Christian for equality for EVERY human being, not just those who walk a very specific line and don’t deviate from these tenets.

I would also like to live openly as a non-believer, but my family members, both close and extended are Christian and many are evangelical. Because we really don’t discuss religion, everything is usually just basic conversation–nothing deep. I have relatives who are preachers, so declaring openly that I am a non-believer could make for a very long, emotional day and right now, my emotions are pretty raw. I must walk this road by myself for a while, so this blog helps me to release my emotions and deep distrust against the conservative, evangelical Christian religions that permeate the state where I live, Texas.

So, that said, I present two articles: the open letter that President Carter issued to the Southern Baptist Convention and a recent article from the Atlantic on a Q&A with President Carter. I wish him only the very, very best in his life. He is a man of convictions and a lover of equality for all people on this earth. He doesn’t just preach equality, he lives it.

Losing My Religion for Equality, by President Jimmy Carter

‘There’s an Awakening in Our Country’: A Q&A with Jimmy Carter, from The Atlantic, by John Meroney, July 13, 2015

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