The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Narrow


My photo, November 2015.


I walk along a slot canyon, roughly a mile, known as al-Siq. The walls are high, ancient sandstone deposits, dating back to the Middle Cambrian to Lower Ordovician age. The passage is narrow, dangerous after a cloudburst. Rushing water formed this passage; rushing water continues to sculpt it. Geology is dynamic. As long as there is wind and water, nature will continue to work this passage.

The payoff comes at the end of the Siq. Peering out from the narrow gorge is the Raqmu, now known to western tourists, misnamed the Treasury, one of the masterworks in the ancient city of Petra. It was built as a mausoleum by the local Nabateans and part of the great trade network throughout the ancient world, known as the Silk Road.

For me, it is one of the most astonishing places on earth with the designation of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is great architecture revealed through the narrow land.

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