Pattern in Architecture

The Japanese, in my opinion, are masters at the art of subtle patterns in their architecture. Take the Miho Museum, located in Shinga Prefecture, near the town of Shingaraki, southeast of Kyoto. Chinese-American architect I.M. Pei designed this spectacular museum to house the multi-cultural art collection of Mihoko Koyama, a wealthy Japanese textile heiress. Lines and triangles criss-cross the building, nestled securely in a green, lush valley. For me, these patterns are soothing, monumental and inspiring.

Copyright, SCH, 2016, Miho Museum, Shinga Prefecture, Japan

Daily Prompt: Pattern

4 thoughts on “Pattern in Architecture”

  1. I agree that the Japanese have a strong heritage of brilliant, yet austere, design aesthetic…but I find it odd you would reference a Chinese American architect to make your point. That minor quibble aside, you’re right – “soothing, monumental and inspiring” perfectly describes that structure.


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