The Prayer Chain

The Texas Medical Center with the James Turrell Skyspace in front, on the Rice University Campus, copyright, 2016, StudentOfLife

I recently received a message from the husband of an acquaintance. It seems that she has cancer. He wanted my email address to put me on a prayer group list. This is the original message to me: “Its A___________, B__________’s husband. I’m trying to build a prayer group list for her to help her during her treatment for Stage 1 Breast Cancer. Can you please send me your email address. Thanks.”

This was my reply:

“A_________, instead of prayer, I’d rather help. I’m only a few blocks away from you and you can call me on my phone at 123-456-7890.”
Fast forward two weeks and this is what I’m receiving in my email inbox with replies from many mutual friends and acquaintances:
Dear Friends of B_____________,

I am reaching out for your prayers and good wishes for our friend, B__________.     This summer, B____________ was diagnosed with breast cancer and started chemotherapy this past week….Thankfully it’s stage one, but it is the fast growing type so a great reminder to us all to self-exam and get yearly mammograms….Her first treatment sent her to the ER in the middle of the night….

Please pray for the following:

1) side effects to be minimal

2) the treatment to completely eradicate this disease from her body,

3) B____________ and her family find peace in knowing this will be behind her in 2017.

B____________ is so blessed to have you to reach out to and appreciates your well wishes and prayers.

With love and gratitude from B__________ ——-

Thank you!

2 thoughts on “The Prayer Chain”

  1. I too am a firm believer in action, e.g. Actions speak louder than words. This is usually not an easy situation to handle when you’ve been approached by a Christian or hyper-religious friend of family member. I think you handled this the best way possible given the differing beliefs. Well done SCH.


  2. Thanks for the clear words. Scientists and physicians, 95% of them are atheists and give a shit on prayers, are the only one working hard to relief people from deadly illnesses. I have only a feeling of mercy for those who really think that another prayer can do miracles. But I get angry about those, who honestly thank God (and light a candle) after a patient has been cured from a life-threatening disease.
    God blog, I am currently thinking of subscribing for it. Best regards, Michael


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